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Useful Documents:
Download the Maker Guide and with it better navigate the ins and outs of Maker Faire. This guide will answer most any questions you might have about the event.
Maker Guide 2015

Submit updates to your published Maker Profile here: ‎

To obtain your Maker Exhibitor Passes:
1) Read these instructions carefully and then click the link beneath.
2) At first no passes will appear. Click “Enter promotional code” and enter your Maker ID as provided in your acceptance email.
(if you do not yet have a Maker ID please email and provide your name and exhibit name)
3) Enter separate names and email addresses for each pass holder. If the pass holder is a child you may use your own email address for their pass.

You don’t need to enter all passes at once. Just bookmark the link should you need to return later.
Maker Exhibitor Passes will give you access as early as 7am both days and allow you to come and go as you need. The pass will also give you access to the Maker Happy Hour on Thursday, September 10th. Maker Exhibitor Passes are free however they are non-transferable so do ensure you have one pass for each person assisting you through-out the weekend. A person must work at your exhibit for at least four hours to qualify for a Maker Exhibitor Pass.

Let your friends know about Maker Faire.
Visit our Facebook event page and share it with your Calgary friends. It’s totally not spammy when you invite them to something cool. For the Facebook event page CLICK HERE.

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