Steampunk Rock Golem

Maker: Shannon Chappell
Exhibit: Steampunk Rock Golem

I have made a Steampunk Rock Golem, conjured for either protection or destruction. A Golem is an animated creature created out of inanimate matter. In this instance a magical will was put into a pile of rocks and antique machine parts to bring this Golem to life.

Steampunk Rock Golem

Maker : Shannon Chappell - I have made a Steampunk Rock Golem, conjured for either protection or destruction. A Golem is an animated creature created out of inanimate matter. In this instance a magical will was put into a pile of rocks and antique machine parts to bring this Golem to life.

Arduino - Lights, Sensors & Sounds

Maker: Andrew Sayer - Making music, reading sensors, blinking LEDs: Exploring the endless possibilities of the popular micro controller

Confounded Machine

Maker: Curt Filipowski - DIY rapid fabrication and prototyping tools. Custom made CNC's for the "subtractive" work and 3D printers for the "addative" work.

DIY Action Figures!

Maker: Sheila Maithel - Learn how to design an action figure, sculpt it in 3D, model the joints, and print it out!

Reactive colour and light

Maker: Lia Rogers - Use your body to change a video live! Move your hands and body to see how the visuals respond.

Building a PigFish Puppet

Maker: WP Puppet Theatre - Our designer created a fantastic graphic for our show "Pigs in a Canoe and Other Watery Stories". However we don't have a puppet or a story that features it. So I am building a PigFish Puppet based on the graphic. It will be part of a twisted fairytale along the lines of the three little wolf cubs and the big pigfish. The foam and plastic rod puppet needs a stomach that lights up, it needs to rise above 8 feet and look like the picture on our postcard!

Chameleon Cocktail Dress

Maker: Angela Dale - This project was originally done for Make Fashion 2013 and utilizes LED and micro controller technology to create an animated color changing “Chameleon Cocktail Dress”

Homebuilt Dobsonian Telescope

Maker: Kwesi Haizel - This Dobsonian telescope was built by hand over the span of 10 months. Using an optic design that dates back to Newton in the 17th century, this telescope mount style showcasing large mirrors and portability was popularized in the 1960's. This telescope can view deep sky objects and is a favourite design for amateur astronomers.

The Food Garage

Maker: Rene Michalak - The Food Garage is a demonstration project to turn everyday detached garages from simple storage units into four-season food growing and renewable energy-generating systems using urban permaculture design.

Furious Fast Fun!

Maker: Kevan Leycraft - Kevan will be bringing an assortment of his greatest hits and world records. Amongst these will be the powerline smashing T-Rex, the elusive unicorn, and a rocket sled.

MendelMax 3D Printer

Maker: Michael Anton - This is a large format MendelMax 1.5 3D printer, based on the open source Reprap project. Currently it can build objects up to 200x200x250mm, but this will be expanded to 320x360x250mm in the near future. It makes objects using 3mm PLA or ABS plastic filament. I sourced all of the components used in this printer, and designed of many of them, which I either machined or printed on this printer.

Creative Destruction

Maker: Jesse Smith - Jesse (10 years old) will be offering you the opportunity to void warranties and otherwise destroy old electronic devices. What started as a local community arts and crafts day ended with Jesse's destruction table being the star attraction. Now he bring this circuit wrecking, metal bending fun to Maker Faire for everyone to enjoy.


Scoperta is an open-source robotics project. We are dedicated to education and discovery. We use robotics as a vehicle to educate and inspire, and we embrace technology as a path to creativity and artistic self-expression.

Mini You!

Magic Maker Presents: 'Mini You!' Turn yourself into a plastic figurine or print a bust of yourself. Let your loved one keep a 'Mini You!' in their pocket! Watch the magic as we turn you into a digital file, shrink you down, and recreate you in a variety of colours and sizes

Sidewalk Graffiti Robot

Maker: David Bynoe - This robot takes a drawing and prints it out really large onto a sidewalk in spray chalk, water, or sand. It uses a small computer and magnetic position sensors to control its motors.


Maker: Luke Lukasewich - As a sculptor I take objects and remake them into other objects. Sometimes they are functional, sometimes they are not. I enjoy whimsy.

Revolutions: Space Art Exhibition

“Revolutions” is a touring space art exhibition, examining how space exploration can collide with arts and culture to inspire a new generation. Displaying space-inspired art – including artworks that have been flown on the International Space Station and the Mir Space Station! Note: this showing will be only part of the full exhibition.

Light Up Kids Clothes

Maker: Lee Davey - Kids clothes with sewable LED lights, controllers and conductive thread. Great for dark camping nights.

Sand bag a bottle

Maker: Amanda & George Comeau - Hand made leather goods with a demonstration/hands on project of making your own water skin the way our ancestors did it.

Solarbotics Ltd.

Supporting the DIY movement 20+ years, we're showing off our latest projects, and hosting a free Arduino mini-workshop featuring experiments with servos, RGB LEDs and temperature sensors.

The Alberta Flood Rose Project

Presented by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition (TREX) Program - The Alberta Flood Rose Project was created by artist Terri Heinrichs in response to the 2013 Alberta Floods. The project invited Calgary and area working artists to create and donate an original 4”x4” piece of art depicting the provincial flower of Alberta, the Wild Rose. The finished pieces have been framed in groups of 81. These larger pieces will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Red Cross for flood relief. Project website

Alberta Aquaponics

Maker: Gord Hayes - Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines a traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. In aquaculture, effluents accumulate in the water, increasing toxicity for the fish. This water is led to a hydroponic system where the by-products from the aquaculture are filtered out by the plants as vital nutrients, after which the cleansed water is recirculated back to the animals. The term aquaponics is a portmanteau of the terms aquaculture and hydroponic. Project website

Ferrofluid Art and Design

Maker: Casey Hughes - Ferrofluid is a beautiful black magnetic liquid that is composed of nano-particles of iron. The use of ferrofluid as an artistic medium is a new endeavor, with only a few notable artists working with its amazing properties. Come by to witness the amazing black liquid react to magnetic fields as it spikes and moves in several unique artworks created to present the beauty of ferrofluid and the magic of magnetism. Project website Maker website

Pepper's Zoetrope

Maker: Rob Furr - You don't need a camera or a computer to make animation: you just need something to change. This project uses two century-old technologies (and one modern one) to let you make your own fully-3D animation, without any special glasses required.

John Greg Ball - Prototypes

Maker: John Greg Ball - Industrial Designer John Greg Ball showcasing prototypes from his studio. These include the award winning Subsonic chair, a 700 watt bass chair with 16″ subwoofers, and the iconic Hoodoo lamp designed with Shoko Cesar. Maker website

Genomikon: Genetic Engineering for Everyone

Come try out genetic engineering! Learn how to design and build your own bacteria, and teach them to make colors, smells, etc. It's biotechnology in a box! Project website

Child Safe, Eco-Friendly, Low Tech Woodworking

Maker: Tam Godfrey - Foot Powered Wood Lathe for Eco-Friendly, child safe introduction to spindle turning. Veneer Inlay with a Marquetry Donkey "Inlay Saw" and low budget vacuum bag clamping system.

The People's Poetry Festival "Make Your Own Poetry"

Maker: Shannon McClennan - The People’s Poetry Festival is a celebration of poetry in Calgary. Showcasing local poets and poetry organizations, as well as amateur and aspiring poets and spoken word artists, and features readings and performances, workshops and lectures, a poetic graffiti art walk, and DIY poetry stations. Join us at the 2014 Calgary Mini Maker Faire for DIY poetry that you can make yourself! Organization website